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Information of Rincon Puerto Rico

Location of Rincon

Rincón is known as "Pueblo del Surfing" (the surfing town) and "El Pueblo de los Bellos Atardeceres" (the town of beautiful sunsets). Rincón was founded in 1771 by Luis de Añasco.  It is located in the Western Coastal Valley, west of Añasco and Aguada. Rincón is spread over 8 wards and Rincón Pueblo (The downtown area and the administrative center of the city).

Rincón has a population of about 17,000. It is home to many of the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico, including Domes, Marias, Tres Palmas, Sandy Beach, Pools Beach, and Rincon Town Beach Plaza.





Land Area:



36 sq km (13.8 sq mi)

Water Area: 40.12 sq mi


Density: 410.1 per sq km (1,070.0 per sq mi)
Housing Units: 6,827
Housing Density: 478.0
Per Capita Income: $6,610
Source: 2000 Census
Hymn: Rincón es mi pueblo querido...
Wards: Atalaya, Barrero, Calvache, Corcega, Ensenada, Cruces, Jaguey, Pueblo and Puntas.
Driving Distance: 96.7 miles *
Driving Time: 2 hours, 27 minutes *


Tourism in Rincon

In 1968, the 1st World Championships of surfing was held at Sandy Beach in the Puntas Barrio of Rincon. Since then, surfers from around the world have been visiting Rincon in search of the perfect wave. In 2007, Rincon hosted the ISA World Masters where local surfer Juan Ashton won 1st place in the Masters division.


Rincon is a major surf destination around the world. There are numerous beaches that break anywhere from 2' to 25'+. Puerto Rico's famous big-wave spot, Tres Palmas is located in Rincon. Other favorite waves to ride are Marias, Domes, and Sandy Beach. Rincon has warm tropical water and off-shore winds on the west side. The wave season begins in September/October and ends in April/May.

Landmarks and places of interest

  •  Domes Beach
  • María Beach
  • Punta Del Mar
  • Corcega Beach
  • Punta Higüeras Lighthouse was built by the Spaniards in the early 1890s and rebuilt after an earthquake in 1921. This working lighthouse uses an unmanned 26,000-candlepower rotating beacon.


Festivals and events, Rincon, PR

  • Whale Festival - March

  • Coconut Festival - May

  • Feast of the Patron Saint, Santa Rosa de Lima - August
  • Triatlon and Triatlon Caribbean Cup
  • Numerous Surfing Championships


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